Individual Sittings

Available by Appointment Only
50 Minute Sitting with a CD or MP3 recording is $345.00 ($100.00 for each additional person up to six people. Inform Tim in advance of any additional people).


The Spirit Circle

The Spirit Circle is an ideal platform for individuals to have a group setting experience while witnessing what occurs during a private, individual sitting.

Participants are able to expand their understanding and experience the innermost connection with their spiritual self while Tim demonstrates his gift to help participants to realize and share the ability to communicate with their lost loved ones.


Telephone Readings

Is a telephone reading less effective? No, it isn’t. Your loved ones are able to communicate their messages to Tim and he is able to relay these messages over the phone to you. You may also choose to have a CD or MP3 recording of your sitting.

NOTE: Telephone Readings must be PRE-paid with payment via Paypal, Venmo or mailed to Tim prior to your sitting. Please mail a money order or personal check made out to Tim Braun to: P.O. Box 984, Dana Point, CA 92629. Upon receipt of your check, his Assistant will call you to book the sit.

Preparing For Your Sitting

Tim suggests that you wait at least THREE MONTHS after a loved one’s passing before having a sitting with him.

  • Please leave your cell phones in your car when you arrive. If you plan to record your sitting with your phone, please make sure it is on silent mode or airplane mode so that it does not ring during the sitting.

  • Please do not bring pets or young children to your sitting.

  • Absolutely no food or drink allowed in the sitting.

  • Please do not wear excessive perfume or scented lotions.

  • If you are planning on bringing any additional people, please let the office know ahead of time. It is an additional $100 per person.

  • On the days leading up to your scheduled sitting, Tim suggests the following…Send loving thoughts or “invitations” to those you wish to have contact with on spirit side. Simply ask them to be with you at your sitting, giving them specifics such as the day and time of your sitting.

  • Please make sure you arrive at your sitting 15-20 minutes early. It is important to start your sitting on time. If you are late, unfortunately your sitting will be cut short because of other sittings scheduled after yours. It is important to note that even if you leave on time, traffic, accidents, and other situations come up. It would be much better to come early and enjoy the beautiful beach surroundings, and be early for your sitting, rather than rushing and getting there late. It is also good to be able to have some time to sit and calm your mind before your sitting begins.

  • There is a 48 hour cancellation and rescheduling policy. If you cancel or reschedule after that time, the sitting fee is still due in full. You will be contacted for confirmation a few days before your sitting. If we do not hear back from you within 24 hours of your sitting, there is chance your sitting will be cancelled.

  •  Please come into your sitting with positive energy.
    Please note that Tim welcomes repeat clients; however, he does encourage waiting 4-6 weeks between sittings unless otherwise advised.

Tim Braun is a gifted psychic medium who offers spiritual guidance to individuals. His amazing gift helps empower, heal and give closure to individuals
— – Gary Quinn, Best Selling Author, Intuitive Life Coach, Television Producer and founder of The Touchstone for Living Coaching Program®