Who Is Tim Braun?


Tim Braun is an internationally renowned medium, and has conducted over 15,000 sittings over the past 22 years.

Born in Whittier, California, and as a USC graduate with a BA in Interdisciplinary Studies, he is the youngest of six children, and currently resides in Orange County.

It is Tim’s desire to heal those with grief of loss, and to re-establish the ties that we have lost with those who are no longer with us. Tim believes our love is the link that allows us to connect with those on the other side.

Many of Tim’s clients have had their lives changed dramatically, and have been given hope that there is a place of beauty and joy that exists at the end of our lives on this earth. Loved ones are there, and love doesn’t die, but is taken to this place called “the other side”.

He has been lecturing and reading for private clients for more than twenty-two years. Hollywood celebrities, renowned athletes, and international corporate leaders have embraced Tim. He has appeared on television in Bravo’s “The Orange County Housewives” and the TLC network show, “Sin City Rules”, and has been interviewed on CBS/Radio: “Sunday’s with Rolonda” and “The Good Life Radio Canada.” He was also featured in LA.COM Network and Awareness Magazine. His first book “Life and Death”, was published in 2015 simultaneously in the United States, England, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Italy.